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K-1 Start

My fiance is visiting this weekend and we plan to fill out all the forms we need and send them out very soon for my K-1. I am so worried about some things, though.
Here we go:

A-We are young -- I'm 22, he's 23. Will that be an issue?

B-I have a LOT of student debt and will not be in repayment by the time of immigration (if all goes well); is that an issue?

C-Money. He makes plenty of money now, we would even match the 3 person household requirement. However, he only started his job in May and was unemployed before that for quite some time. This is why we've been waiting, but I'm worrying that it will be an issue. Will it?

D-Proof of Meeting. We've been together almost 4 years. However, in the last two years we've been travelling via car from Canada to the US (and vice versa) without visas and without passports. He stays in my home, I stay in his, so there are no hotel reciepts. I have a few parking tickets he's got here, pictures of us together at his sister's wedding (quite obviously the wedding, we were both in it), and he has one form from when he had to go into immigration when attempting to cross into the country. What else can I use? This worries me the most.

E-We plan to simply have a courthouse wedding -- will that be a problem?

F-We plan to file within the next month for certain, is planning to move there in July completely unrealistic?

G-Will I be able to visit him in the US before moving there once the visa is issued, or is it that once a visa is issued, you can only travel there for marriage?

H-Can he get his passport photos done here in Canada? It would make things so much easier!

Thanks so much everyone!!!
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