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K-1 Start

My fiance is visiting this weekend and we plan to fill out all the forms we need and send them out very soon for my K-1. I am so worried about some things, though.
Here we go:

A-We are young -- I'm 22, he's 23. Will that be an issue?

B-I have a LOT of student debt and will not be in repayment by the time of immigration (if all goes well); is that an issue?

C-Money. He makes plenty of money now, we would even match the 3 person household requirement. However, he only started his job in May and was unemployed before that for quite some time. This is why we've been waiting, but I'm worrying that it will be an issue. Will it?

D-Proof of Meeting. We've been together almost 4 years. However, in the last two years we've been travelling via car from Canada to the US (and vice versa) without visas and without passports. He stays in my home, I stay in his, so there are no hotel reciepts. I have a few parking tickets he's got here, pictures of us together at his sister's wedding (quite obviously the wedding, we were both in it), and he has one form from when he had to go into immigration when attempting to cross into the country. What else can I use? This worries me the most.

E-We plan to simply have a courthouse wedding -- will that be a problem?

F-We plan to file within the next month for certain, is planning to move there in July completely unrealistic?

G-Will I be able to visit him in the US before moving there once the visa is issued, or is it that once a visa is issued, you can only travel there for marriage?

H-Can he get his passport photos done here in Canada? It would make things so much easier!

Thanks so much everyone!!!
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A-No, we were 21 and 23 when we filed.

B-I don't think debt matters as much as income; if you don't meet income requirements, you can get a co-sponser.

C-I think it should be fine, otherwise, get a co-sponser.

D-photos are good, and for proof of the relationship, phone bills, email records, letters sent in the mail- all good.

E-as long as you get a marriage certificate, that's all that matters.

F-probably fine, but don't make definate concrete plans yet.

G-I am pretty sure once you get the visa, you get in and get married, and then have to stay until you get advanced parole (permission to leave)

H-should bve fine.

Hope this helps. Check out, much more helpful than lj's k1 community because it gets so much more traffic/has lots of FAQS, etc. :)
For my k-1 application, my husband received an RFE despite sending in photos and other things because those things were not dated. Unless the photos clearly photographs items with dates on them, it may not suffice as proof of having meet during the last 2 years which would be required for filing of I-129F.
I'm so worried about this. I have no idea how I'm going to satisfy the "proof os meeting" -- part of me wonders if we should even attempt this right now.
A- Age doesn't matter once you reach the age of consent of getting married.

B- USCIS doesn't look at the amount of debt you have, they look at income level. If you don't meet the income requirements, only do they look at your assets' value

C- You could get a co-sponsor if the USC does not meet the income requirement

D- Do you have any credit card receipts? For example, purchases indicating USC spending money in the non-USC country and vice versa?

E- It is not important how your wedding is to them as long as it's legal and you have the certified copies of your marriage certificate. We just went through my adjustment of status interview and they didn't even look at my original marriage certificate since they had the certified copy.

F- If you are going through VSC and since you are in Canada? Quite realistic. But if you get transferred to CSC? No idea, but July looks ok at the moment.

G- I think you are not allowed to "visit" once you get your visa. Once you get your visa, you will have to get married and file for your adjustment of status and advance parole if you intend to travel prior to getting your green card. If you intend to visit after your interview at Canada's consulate, you can inform the consulate to delay giving you the visa until you are ready to move.

H- Shouldn't be a problem as long as it fits the requirements.

Good luck on your visa journey!

No credit card receipts. I took money out at an ATM there in September but the machine didn't give a reciept. Is it possible to contact my bank and ask for details of the transaction?
You may wish to try that. Plus, you may want to try telling your story behind the pictures, stating clearly when it happened.

In the event you are still required (receive an RFE later) to prove you have meet in the last 2 years, you can get notarized affidavits from people (such as ministers/pastors/etc) stating that they have seen you guys together in the last 2 years (preferably with dates and all).
I'm literally worried to tears about this, honestly. I don't know anyone "official" that knows of our relationship, really. Just our families and friends. I have no idea how to get the proof -- and we see each other nearly every weekend!
Hey! don't give up hope. I understand how scary the entire process is but as long as you have a genuine relationship and no other issues, you should have no problem getting through this.

Try letters from families and friends then, but get it notarized. Parking tickets may help if it states the car registration number, time/date and place.

Good luck!
So the friend/family member would write a concise letter stating that they have physically been in the presence of us together and that we have a legitimate realtionship?

And then they sign that letter in front of How do we go about finding a lawyer to do that? And how many letters should we have?
Presence of both of you in the last 2 years (if possible, to state the period they seen you guys together) (this is because you need proof that you have seen each other in the last 2 years).

Do you have any notary you can go to? A public notary is not necessarily a lawyer. Malaysia's equivalent of public notary is commissioner of oaths. Not sure what is for Canada. As for the number of letters, I am not sure how many you would need but to be on the safe side, get two?

Try I got the idea of notarized letters from there.


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If you see each other nearly every weekend, then gathering proof will be easy. You only have to really prove one meeting. All the rest of the stuff would be more for establishing a relationship. Have a K-1 weekend, and take pictures next to things with dates, like billboards or bank clocks. Use your credit cards to go shopping and to go out to dinner. Get the list of stuff they want out, and try to do it like a scavenger hunt. All the rest of the stuff like emails, letters, bills and bank statements will just be more relationship evidence, but you guys have a rare opportunity to really just take the time to gather stuff. My guy's in Scotland, and I'm in New Jersey, and we weren't as good about keeping stuff as we should have been. I wish we had a few weekends to just work on that. Hell, we probably WILL do that next time he comes back. :D
All what follows is purely based on my own experience of getting a K1 visa in 2003:

A - as others have said, as long as you are legally allowed to marry each other your age should not be an issue at all.

B - sounds like you are the one getting the visa? in which case your finances aren't looked at at all, the USCIS are only interested in the finances of the US citizen.

C - shouldn't be a problem, as long as his taxes are correctly filed for the past 3 years and he has proof of current income. Mu husband was unemployed when we filed and managed to get a job only a few months before the affidavit of support was required, not even brought up at interview.

D - photos, letters from relatives mentioning having met you both together, credit card receipts (hubby and I both withdrew cash from same cash point one after the other and then photocopied the receipts and card info (blanking out all but last 4 digits of card number). Only thing I might add about your wedding photos is to make sure that it is obviously his sister's wedding and can not be possibly construed to be yours!

E - wedding plans unimportant as long as you aren't already married and that the wedding will be legal and within the required timescale for the visa.

F - Hard to say. Depends if processing is quick or slow. I think you have 6 months to use the actual visa once it is approved so if you get a fast approval you may have to adjust your plans and move sooner. Otherwise, sounds reasonable. You really have to go with the flow when it comes to processing times though.

G - the K1 visa is a one entry visa. Once you use it, that's it. If you leave before your adjustment of status is approved your application is considered to be abandoned and you have to start all over again. Unless, that is, you apply for advance parole and get special dispensation to leave and return.

H - Just read the current passport photo standards carefully and make sure that the photographer follows them.

Yeah, it defintely wasn't our wedding, it's really quite obvious as we stand beside the bride (his sister) in her big white dress.

I wasn't asking about leaving after using it, rather visiting after I have but before I want to use it.

Will letters from relatives/friends suffice? Is there anyway to make that more concrete? Neither of us have credit cards, we generally use cash.
A) Nope :) I'm presently 20, and we started the process when I was still 19. As long as you're legally able to get married.

B) I don't believe so. All they check is income, not debt or bills

C) As long as he meets the requirements by the time you guys file, you should be fine. If not, as mentioned: co-sponsor.

D) We had photos (names, dates, and places written on back), just one hotel receipt, and I was lucky enough to get *both* of our entire flight histories since we'd been together from my travel agent. Parking tickets should work too, as well as any credit card receipts, etc.

E) Nope. As long as it's a legal marriage.

F) It honestly all depends. We planned our wedding for October 29th of this year, and sent out the first package in December. As mentioned in my last post, my interview's Monday morning, so if it's approved it'll be bareeellyyy in time. So try not to make plans you can't rearrange.

G) Basically, no. Though he can visit you.

H) Yes. We got everything for the first package ready together while he was visiting me-- passport photos, everything notarized (generally unnecessary, but I prefer to be safe, especially since my signature is inconsistant), and we've made it this far.

Good luck! :D
See, driving makes this a real issue. There's no way to prove that his driven to see me, unlike flying. No hotel reciepts either.

Bah, part of me wants to give up already :(