Sarah Ellen (funeral_drive) wrote in k1couples,
Sarah Ellen

Income Taxes

Have any of you filed income taxes "Married Filing Jointly"? My now husband moved here in Sept 08 and we were married in October 08 and we're trying to figure out the right way to do it. He had income from working in England from Jan-Aug 08 so if we file jointly (and since he doesn't have his green card yet we have to write up some declaration that we're both considering him to be a resident alien for tax purposes) he will have to include his Foreign Income on the taxes.
I called the IRS the other night and was told after the lady asked me like 100 questions that he needed to fill out the 2555 form and from what she gathered from my answers, he'd be able to file the 2555-EZ. Also he does have a social security number which for some reason threw the lady on the phone, she didn't understand why he'd be able to have one if he didn't have a green card.

I've always been able to do my taxes on my own for myself, but now this is seeming like it's so complicated. Does anyone have any advice or experiences they could share?
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